Funding projects enable research

While ACL continuously works on the further development and improvement of its core products OR-PC®, OR-MD® and OR-Console®, the company's development department conducts additional research and implements development projects. Basically, these are aimed at establishing new core technologies and thus expanding the product portfolio.

Eye tracking based, autostereoscopic monitor

Between 2012 and 2015, ACL has already developed successfully an innovative concept in the field of autostereoscopic 3D display to enable its use for visualization in medical environments. The result was a new, eye tracking based autostereoscopic monitor that could display excellent image quality in 3D without glasses or additional modules.

Foerderprojekte MD 2711 3D front web

Example model for the eye tracking based, autostereoscopic monitor

Foerderprojekte MD 2711 3D kopf web

Excellent image quality in 3D without glasses or additional modules

New research project with the Innovation Centre for Computer-Assisted Surgery (ICCAS)

ACL is breaking new ground in the research of an imaging system for intra-operative planning of flap plastic surgery. The system should collect various kinds of information before surgery and provide the result in real time. This saves time and minimizes risks. Since the system is non-invasive, the patient's tolerance is significantly improved.

ACL carries out the research project with the long-standing cooperation partner of the Innovation Centre for Computer-Assisted Surgery (ICCAS) in Leipzig. Digital technologies for future clinical applications are developed there. The ICCAS thus forms the interface between research and application. At the same time, the interdisciplinary cooperation between physicians, computer scientists and engineers is encouraged.

The institute has its own research surgical theatre. Taking into account the needs of modern hospitals, new medical technologies and therapeutic procedures are evaluated there. The results of research and development at ICCAS form an important basis: they increase treatment safety, lead to more economical work processes, and facilitate the work of clinical personnel.

The research centre is a cooperation partner for medical technology companies certified according to EN ISO 13485.